Friday, February 26, 2016

Adorable Edibles for Easter and Springtime

A friend sent me the below scone idea the other day which of course spiraled out of control into a 30  minute search for cute Easter ideas. Please tell me that I am not the only one goes off on these tangents. I am guessing that since Pinterest is so popular, I must be in good company with some one, right?

Anywho, here are my favorites from my search. I hope you find something that you like.

Chick Cheese Balls from Hungry Happenings

What? You do not think these are the cutest thing ever?
Do you have a heart?

Crescent Roll Carrots also from Hungry Happenings
These are so cute and could be filled with anything sweet or
savory.  I imagine you could sprinkle with seasonings or
cinnamon sugar afterwards.

Easy Easter Lamb Cake by Kraft Foods
Easy and adorable? I am in! This looks much easier than
the traditional lamb cake.

Hatching Chick Deviled Egg by Pop Sugar

These are actual eggs that look like
chicks popping out of eggs.
need I say more?

Easter Resurrection Rolls by a Pinch of Joy

I have made these with my kids a few times. If you are
religious they are a really cool way to discuss
Jesus in the tomb.

Easter Bunny Bread by Taste of Home

So admittedly this looks a like a Pinterest fail waiting
to happen, but I'd still love to try it.

Easter Bunny Pancakes by This Little Piggy Stayed Home

A pretty easy breakfast that my kids will
like and that cute tail...yes, please!

White Chocolate Pretzel Easter Egg Nests by Green Thumb White Apron

I just love the Springiness of these.

Easter Carrot Scones from Michael's
The recipe that started the search.  Crazy enough, I have
never made scones at home, but I may have to, now.